HOW TO Fuel Your Movement

Alternatively: Nutrition Tips for Preparation and Recovery from Exercise

You’ve probably heard it said that you can lose weight at the gym but abs are made in the kitchen. The truth is that exercise and nutrition go hand in hand. In order to achieve the most effective results, both your fitness routine and eating routine require consistent, habitual attention. But what should you eat to stay energized and meet your goals? When should you be eating? How much should you be eating?

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Recipe Round Up 2: St. Patrick's Day Edition

It’s March. I’m Irish-American. You already know where this is going. That’s right: today’s Recipe Round Up is a special St. Paddy’s Day edition, filled with all foods green and/or Irish for a whole day (or weekend…or week…or month honestly) of themed dining.

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Why Should I Practice Intuitive Eating?

Alternatively: Thank U, Next to All Diets for Good

There are fad diets, evidence-based diets, weight-loss diets, cleanses; I bet you’ve heard them all and maybe tried several for yourself. The upcoming message now, which I am totally here for, is a rise in Intuitive Eating. But what does it mean to eat “intuitively” or “mindfully?”

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Recipe Round Up 1

Hey friends! There are SO many great, healthy recipes out there on the internet, and I often pull recipes from my favorite sites or bloggers to try for myself. If I love it, I’ll save it and try some ingredient swaps to add variety into the meal plans. Instead of creating all new recipes, I’d like to share a few at a time here to let you know what I’m loving lately and where they came from.

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