Program Consulting

Are you developing a nutrition education or other health promotion program?

My thorough background in nutrition and community health education is just what you need! I can assist in developing every aspect of your program, from the design and implementation process to the evaluation structure and outcomes analysis.


Grounded in Theory

I will make sure that your program is grounded in health and behavior change theory so that it is as effective as it can be. Your program will follow a framework that creates a holistic, sensible approach to health education. All components will have a purpose and connect within the framework to realize the program goals.


Goal and Outcome Oriented

Programs must have goals! I will work with you to determine what success means for your program, and develop corresponding goals and objectives. An action plan with process goals set along the way will ensure that you stay on track to be successful in realizing the outcomes.


Evaluation Built from the Start

When setting goals, you need to know how you will measure them. I will think about and determine the evaluation process from start of the program design so that you know exactly which outcome measures you will be tracking and how you will collect them.

Current Community Partners:


Come see me this summer at…
Old Brooklyn Farmers’ Market

Progressive Food Demo with Chef Andrew Kisner
One course at each demo, including recipe, nutrition facts and nutrition education with each!

June 8: Simple Spring Salad with Apple Butter Basil Vinaigrette
June 15: Mixed Herb Bruschetta with Balsamic Chicken
July 6: Soup Course coming soon!
July 27: Entree Course coming soon!
August 17: Dessert Course coming soon!